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Quadro Dance Theater
Gomel, Belarus

Founded in 1994 by Inna Aslamova initiative, in the same year the company presented their first choreographic miniatures at the International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk (Belarus).


Quadro Dance Theater is one of the pioneers of contemporary dance in Belarus.

Members of the company studied techniques and composition of contemporary dance visiting workshops, held by choreographers from different countries. In the process of study the dancers do not try to keep to any particular technique, rather attempt to expand consciousness for their dance development. The company's main artistic objectives are to create their original way of movement and body presence, based on different dance tools. Currently the focus of attention is at the Inna Aslamova method of “not egoistic dance” considered our body as a partner.

Quadro had an experience of performing at art galleries, parks, museums. The favorite space for performing is “anti-stage” format when audience is sitting on stage and sees a space of empty parterre behind dancers. It creates a completely different perspective and perception of dance.


ID Dance Project

 Inna Aslamova (Belarus) • Daniil Belkin (Ukraine)
ID Dance Project

Working together in Benno Voorham (Sweden) projects, Inna and Daniil discovered the affinity of their professional curiosity. The similarity was most prominent in their individual dance patterns and research interest. The project “In Four Hands” became the result of their first collaboration.  The premiere took place in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) in March 2014.


Daniil Belkin is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. He graduated from «Other Dances» school and went on as a dancer and choreographer of the «Potoki» Dance Theatre (2002-2010) and choreographer of the Dnepropetrovsk State Circus. He also worked as an art director of the Cultural Center “Rio club”. Since 2002 he has been involved in different international projects such as : «Kings and Queens and other Bosses» (Ukraine-Sweden-Belarus-Moldova), «Connections» (Ukraine-Moldova), «Simple Things» (Ukraine-Moldova), «Free Dance» (Ukraine-France), «Ukraine is point G» (Ukraine), «Home» (Ukraine-Sweden-Belarus-Moldova), «In Four Hands» (Ukraine-Belarus).

Contemporary Dance Department of the Children Dance School

 (2001 - 2008 Gomel, Belarus)

"When you see"

Performance for Breaze Dance Theater (Dnepr, Ukraine - 2014)

Summer Art School of Mark Chagall Museum

Young dancers and artists' workshop in Vitebsk.

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